1973: en la luz is a social arts practice that uses education, storytelling and public installation to spark a national dialogue about Chile’s recent history. 

Join us in creating a national anthology of memory.

For over forty years, our history has been remembered in darkness. Truths ignored, stories buried. But everything hidden leaves a record in our memory, and in our hearts.

Star HD 40307, viewable in the night sky from Chile’s position on Earth, lives 42 light years away. In 2015, this distant star will reflect its light from 1973 onto all of us. 

Once again let us look at Chile in the light of 1973. 

This is a call to the people of Chile. Let us find our truth in this light. Let us understand ourselves through our memories of this time. Over the next year, we are asking people to come forward with their stories of this period of time and help us create a national anthology of memory.   

Then, on the night of September 11, 2015, we will ask you to turn on your lights as your testimony to the significance of these memories. Let this light be a beacon to our disappeared and our lost stories. Let it represent our commitment to truth shining through darkness. We owe this testimony to the future of our people and our country, to our children, because it is only in light that we might see where we actually live.

Share your story; turn your light on.