The Art of Revolution:

The Art of Revolution uses art to transform public opinion, and inspires creative action towards social change.

The artworks we create consist of individual pieces, public installations, films, books and catalogs, multi-modal pieces, land art, and/or performances. They are often provocative, and use the power of visual language and revolutionary words to elicit profound reactions and strong connections to the work, to the issue and connections between one person and another.

Our social practice works begin with an artistic vision that captures the most pared down and fundamental nature of a social issue. These projects include some combination of hands-on art making, educational curriculum, outreach and/or public installation.

Our goals include:

  • producing provocative works of art and literature that address critical social issues.
  • promoting social change by creating art by and for the people
  • connecting new activists to their cause using an artistic approach as a point of entry.
  • supporting artists and organizations working at the intersection of art and social change.
  • mobilizing individuals towards civic engagement.

We work to engage and educate the public, nurture artists and activists, and strengthen social justice movements. Our projects live on in the community, beyond our involvement, through the educators who continue to teach the curriculum in their classrooms, and particularly through the ongoing advocacy work of the students who came to know the issue through their participation.

Our interests and services cover a wide spectrum —

  • large and small artworks and multi-modal pieces which we conceive of and produce ourselves,
  • projects with local, national and international reach
  • projects which we are commissioned to design and coordinate,
  • creative campaigns which we conceptualize and design for a particular organization around its selected issue and which are then implemented by that contracting organization.